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The Westland Academy For the Arts was designed to facilitate a fuller exploration into the arts and humanities than conventional schools are sometimes able to offer and to augment individual learning in the arts.  Here students can learn one-on-one and excel to meet and exceed their personal goals  We wish to nurture and promote interested pupils and to encourage exploration in the arts for beginning to advanced students.

The atmosphere of the academy instills the self-discipline and confidence necessary for success at every level.  Private study at the Westland Academy For The Arts lays the preparatory foundation for students who plan professional careers in the arts as well as students who pursue humanities studies for their own edification and enjoyment.


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Classes in creative writing and fine arts

Because a variety of schooling options exist, we are uniquely well-suited to fill the gap that may exist in hands-on art instruction.  We offer opportunities to play with the Westland Flute Choir, a renaissance flute choir for advanced players, small ensemble groups for instrumentalists, and composition, recital and performance opportunities for solo musicians.  Artists and writers are supported in reaching their goals of getting published or simply learning to write or to draw better.  Occasional exhibits and readings allow for peer critiques and offer an enjoyable group dynamic.

We are happy to cater to the very different interests and scheduling needs of the adult student.  Many adults would like to improve their personal arts education.  They may be returning to their instrument or finding that they finally have time to learn something for themselves.  Age is no impediment to learning.

Located in downtown Greensburg, across the street from the Courthouse, and just up the street from the Palace Theater, The Westland Academy For The Arts is conveniently accessible to every part of Westmoreland County.

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WAFA Mission Statement    

It is our goal:

  • To enrich students' lives through the exploration and mastery of the arts,

  • To find and anchor each student's place in the arts continuum,

  • To develop individual creativity,

  • To show the reflection of an era through its art, and

  • To demonstrate why we perform, create and study the arts.

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