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With hundreds if not thousands of different beads you are sure to create unique beaded jewely at our wholesale beads prices.


Variety of different charms for you to add to your pieces to give a personal or unique touch giving the feeling of personalization.


Start your piece of with the right foundation to build upon with our reliable and durable wires and even chains made of gold or silver.


Make a piece such as a necklace stand out with a stunning or unique pendant that will be the feature of the piece and make the difference.


Make sure your pieces like necklaces and bracelets are connect together with reliable and durable componenets so they do not break/fall apart.


If you are looking to add a classy look to any piece, consider adding a number of beautiful and stunning pearls to improve the piece.


Like many things you make, you need tools to help you create them faster or efficiently. We have all the tools for you'll need to create.

And More!

We carry so much more then we can explain. Come visit us today and browse our vast selection of products we have at your disposal.

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